Sujok Therapy

Dr. Mayie Deshmukh

Su Jok is a treatment system comprised of a variety of techniques that prevent and cure illness and restore health without any drugs. Thus, Sujok means treatment based on hand and feet, Su means hand and Jok means feet. We can use our hands and feet to influence our whole body and cure disease. The various parts of the body and the hands and feet can help problems using the corresponding Su Jok treatment.For example the stomach has correspondence zones on the ears, eyes, feet and all the other correspondence systems. The body’s meridian system, with which we perform metaphysical energy manipulation therapies, is also reflected in the hands and feet. Knowledge of the principles of hand and foot therapy provides an impressive vehicle for personal and family healthcare.

Sujok therapy is a therapy system of treatment to heal disease by stimulating certain pain points in the hands and feet with the combined use of acupuncture.Stimulation of the healing points will generally give instant results. Sujok is a drugless, safe and side effects free system of treatment.

There are various correspondence systems in the body. The correspondence systems are located on each and every independent part of the body like the hands, feet, ears, head, tongue, internal organs and more. These correspondence systems exchange information about the working of each and every body organ and part.Areas or zones belonging to particular body organs are called correspondence zones. Therefore, each body organ or part, has its own correspondence zone, in all the correspondence systems.

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