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Naturopathy is a system of therapy that is based on preventive care and on the use of physical forces such as heat, water, light, air, and massage as primary therapies for disease. Naturopathy does not use medicines. It believes food is medicine. If a patient is under any medication, naturopathy does not stop it altogether, instead regulating the intake until the person becomes self sustaining again.

Some naturopaths use no medications, either pharmaceutical or herbal. Some recommend herbal remedies only. A few who are licensed to prescribe may recommend pharmaceuticals in cases in which they feel their use is 'warranted.

The process also involves assessment of medical report, medical history of the patient and family and the recent lab tests. Naturopathy treats the body as a whole instead of treating each organ separately.

Naturopathy is a drugless system of treatment which recognizes the existence of vital curative forces within the body. It believes in treating the human body as a whole and removing the root cause of the diseases rather than treating individual parts or offering unnatural remedies. Naturopathy treats the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects at the same time.

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